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Personalize It!- Scoreboards


Safety Today offers a wide array of Facility Safety Identification Products that help you protect your workforce, including the unique Digi-Day® line of Electronic Safety Scoreboards.


Safety Today offers a wide array of Facility Safety Identification Products that help you protect your workforce, including the Digi-Day® line of Electronic Safety Scoreboards…there’s a scoreboard available for any sized facility and any sized budget!

Scoreboards help to effectively promote a safe and accident-free workplace by keeping score of consecutive safe work days! Many distinct models are in-stock and ready for shipment – or you can Personalize IT! to meet your exact needs. Our line of scoreboards include the most popular Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards (Standard Indoor and Plus+ versions), Changeable Face Digi-Day®, and Really BIG LED-LITE Scoreboards. Select your model and start keeping score!
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Shed Some Light On Safety
Go all out with our CUSTOM REALLY BIG LED-LITE™ SCOREBOARDS! Pictured here, you can promote safety awareness in a BIG WAY, with LED-LITE™ Signal Safety Scoreboard. The three signal lights promote the safety status in your facility, while the scoreboard’s numbering system allows you to track the number of “safe working” days. And, the energy efficient LED lightning reduces long-term operating costs and increases your scoreboards life-span!

The Signal Safety Scoreboard is available in two styles–a standard scoreboard or a backlit scoreboard with the legend illuminated from behind. The backlit scoreboard is attention getting and ideal for low-light areas. Both scoreboards feature a three signal traffic-light-style LED display, which can be steady-on or flashing (optional). All lights are individually controlled by switches on the bottom of the scoreboard.
Personalize IT with Safety Today!
As with all Safety Scoreboards, and other Facility Safety Identification Products available from Safety Today, you can Personalize IT! Personalize IT! means that you can add your custom message, image(s) or logo(s). It also means NO minimums, NO set-up fees and NO additional color charges!


Safety Today, Inc. was founded in 1946 and is one of the largest full service safety equipment distributors in North America. We work closely with our customers to provide personalized risk/cost-reduction solutions, ranging from a comprehensive product offering to full-service training and worksite/job hazard assessment capabilities. Safety Today is headquartered in Grove City, Ohio, with locations across the United States, and in Canada, Brazil and Mexico. For more information about Safety Today, please visit www.safetytoday.com or call 800-837-5900.