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Ergodyne Introduces Trex™ Ice Traction Device

Safety Today offers ice traction device introduced just in time for winter weather preparation!


ST. PAUL, Minn. –  Safety Today, one of North America’s largest and oldest dedicated safety distributors, offers Ergodyne’s TREX™ 6310 Ice Traction Device.
This adjustable one-piece boot and shoe accessory features replaceable rugged steel studs and an aggressive tread pattern that give workers a tenacious grip and stability on ice, snow, and other slippery surfaces. Made out of stretchable rubber, the TREX™ 6310 provides easy on/off and remains flexible in the most extreme environments.

Many ice traction devices on the market today use subpar adjustment systems and permanent studs, resulting in a poor fit, and, after the studs have worn down, a useless device. Safety Today researched and sampled dozens of products of this kind until deciding upon Ergodyne’s TREX™ 6310. The TREX features a unique and simple adjustable elastic cord to cinch tight for a customized and secure fit over any shoe or boot. And for added convenience and reusability, studs can be replaced quickly and easily, prolonging product life.

“The 6310 is a great addition to the TREX™ line, offering grip, stability, and a customized, secure fit for workers in harsh, slippery environments,” said Tom Votel, CEO and president of Ergodyne.


“Ergodyne is a great innovator a tremendous partner for us. This new shoe is a great example of their detailed approach. We like the added reflectivity that helps keep workers safe and protected on the job,” said Tony Spearing, vice president of Safety Today.

Ideal for anyone working in a slippery, slushy, snowy environment and in need of additional traction, the TREX™ 6310 will be available August 2010 at authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information, visit
www.ergodyne.com or call 800-225-8238.

Key Features

·      Rugged steel studs for tenacious grip and stability

·      Adjustable cord cinches tight for a secure fit

·      Stretchable rubber for fit and easy on/off

·      Aggressive tread connects mid-foot and heel stud zones

·      Reflective pull-on tab adds enhanced visibility

·      Flexible to -40°F (-40°c)

About Ergodyne
Since 1983, Ergodyne has pioneered the development of products that Make The Workplace A Betterplace®. What started 27 years ago with just one product has grown into a line of top flight, battle-tested, tenacious work gear; all precision crafted to provide protection, regulate temperature, and enhance productivity for workers on jobsites the world over.


About Safety Today

Safety Today, Inc. was founded in 1946 and is one of the largest full service safety equipment distributors in North America. We work closely with our customers to provide personalized risk/cost-reduction solutions, ranging from a comprehensive product offering to full-service training and worksite/job hazard assessment capabilities. Safety Today is headquartered in Grove City, Ohio, with locations across the United States, and in Canada, Brazil and Mexico. For more information about Safety Today, please visit www.safetytoday.com or call 800-837-5900.