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 Part NumberItem TitlePriceUOMQuantityAdd to Cart
3MFT-103M™ Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-10, Sweet$304.21EA
3MFT-113M™ Sensitivity Solution FT-11, Sweet$122.88CS
3MFT-123M™ Fit Test Solution FT-12, Sweet$130.14CS
3MFT-133M™ Nebulizer FT-13$273.06CS
3MFT-143M™ Test Hood FT-14$259.95CS
3MFT-153M™ Collar FT-15$77.59EA
3MFT-203M™ Training and Fit Testing Case FT-20, Sweet$635.70EA
3MFT-303M™ Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-30, Bitter$304.21EA
3MFT-313M™ Sensitivity Solution FT-31, Bitter$122.88CS
3MFT-323M™ Fit Test Solution FT-32, Bitter$122.88CS
BN4-500Air Flow Indicator Kit$60.62EA
BN4-501Irritant Smoke Tubes -refill 6 tubes$37.80BX
MSA458481Respiratory Fit Testing, Smoke Tube$197.67EA