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We have compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions to provide you with the information you need to have a great customer experience on www.safetytoday.com. If you have a question not found in this list, you may submit a question or contact one of our Customer Account Specialists at 800.837.5900 or vial email at info@safetytoday.com.

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Will I be charged sales tax?


Is ordering online safe?


Where do you ship?


When is my credit card charged?



How do I measure the total cost of safety in our plants?


You work with many customers across North America. What best practices can you share to make my plant safer?


How can I reduce my total cost of PPE per employee, yet keep them safe?


Aside from the obvious-buying higher quality products-what can I do to increase the life of my PPE?


How can I get my employees to take better care of their PPE?


How can I better work with purchasing to make sure total safety costs are understood relative to individual PPE costs?