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We Are Restless

It would seem like we should be content to be known as one of the oldest and most trusted dedicated safety product supply companies. But we’re not.

We were founded in 1946 as Twyman Safety and have since enjoyed seven decades preparing four generations of workers the world over with the safety products and apparel they need to battle occupational hazards and illnesses.

But it’s not enough to be known for these great product solutions — because it isn’t about the products.

Our approach has long been special — and has been much emulated over the years.

We deliver to customers our tenacious desire for understanding and neutralizing known and unforeseen workplace perils. We do this by becoming a partner with client companies. And we are restless in this pursuit.

Our approach

We know products and their unique application based features, which sets us apart from  the others. We balance ergonomics, protection, and cost to find right-size solutions. Then we provide the training required to make your personnel appreciate safety for what it is, the barrier that separates them from the accident that would otherwise devastate their lives.

Safety Today, Inc. is your trusted resource for smarter safety solutions. When it comes to protecting employees, managing risk and controlling costs, we are your full-service safety experts.

Where we call home

Safety Today operates from both U.S. and Canadian headquarters locations, serving customers around the world. Our international strategic alliances with documented, professional supply partners enables us to provide a full range of safety products, programs and services to our clients across the globe.

We are long-time members of the National Safety Council and the Safety Marketing Group, and have and do participate in advisory boards for some of the top safety manufacturing brands in the business, including 3M, Kimberly Clark, MSA and Honeywell.

We are your source for workplace safety.


Trust the Experts

Our business is knowing which products and solutions are the best for each individual customer’s needs. We have done the work for you — researching and testing, analyzing and negotiating, to bring you the best products at the best price.

The safety of your employees is our driving business purpose. We continuously invest into new developments and monitor changes in product design and regulations to optimize your safety spend and ensure your continued compliance and protection from liability.

Programs and Services

Safety Today provides comprehensive safety services to our customers, counseling companies on best practices, risk management, accident avoidance and offering product solutions. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward. Details on the programs and services we provide can be found here, and include:

·         Fall Protection

·         Facility/Environmental Safety

·         Respiratory Protection

·         Arc Flash Analysis

·         Confined Space Entry

·         Instrumentation

·         Signage, Identification, and Marking

·         Training & Education

·         Personal Protective Equipment


Product Portfolio

We offer the best products available through our network of trusted global suppliers, including:

·         Chemical storage

·         Ear protection

·         Eye Protection

·         Fall protection

·         Fire safety

·         First aid

·         Hand protection

·         Head and face protection

·         Hearing protection

·         Industrial and cleaning supplies

·         Lockout/Tagout

·         Protective clothing

·         Respiratory protection

·         Traffic control products

·         Arc, fire and welding protection