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 Part NumberItem TitleUPC CodePriceUOMQuantityAdd to Cart
3M022-00-03R013M™ Breathe Easy™ Turbo Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Unit 022-00-03R011$719.53EA
3M022-45-00R013M™ Breathe Easy™ Turbo Replacement Motor Blower Assembly and Filter Carrier 022-45-00R01$474.31EA
3M060-38-05R013M™ Headband 060-38-05R01$27.17EA
3M060-39-01R103M™ Comfort Band 060-39-01R10$167.18CS
3M060-75-02R103M™ Visor 060-75-02R10, Gray Tinted$256.45PK
3M520-01-00R013M™ Breathing Tube Assembly 520-01-00R01$77.36EA
3M520-01-08R013M™ Breathing Tube 520-01-08R01$122.81EA
3M520-02-90R013M™ Belt Assembly 520-02-90R01, 60 in x 2 in 1 EA/Case$40.28CS
3M520-03-733M™ Smart Battery Charger, Respiratory Protection 520-03-73, Single Unit$247.45EA
3M522-01-01R103M™ Visor 522-01-01R10$172.10CS
3M524-01-19R013M™ Belt 524-01-19R01, 60 in x 2 in, Leather$60.31EA
3M529-04-483M™ Calibration Kit 529-04-48, Large$2,496.50EA
3M62813M™ Head Harness Assembly 6281, Respiratory Protection Replacement Part, 5/Bag$247.80CS
3M68783M™ Spectacle Kit 6878/07141(AAD), Respiratory Protection Accessory$144.48EA
3M68853M™ Faceshield Cover 6885/07142(AAD), Respiratory Protection Accessory$235.32CS