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Part NumberMSA10070431
Item TitleHarness ArcSafe Vest Style FR, Standard Size
This harness from MSA meets the needs of utility and maintenance workers. It has a back Kevlar web loop that reduces overall harness weight and reduces potential of electrical arc to harness. Hardware is located low on the harness. A 9,500 pound nylon webbing has been put into place for added security. This harness also has available front attachment loops for climbing systems, personnel riding systems, or for rescue applications. The Y-shaped back web loop locator pad provides additonal comfort and allows for effortless adjustment. This harness meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.


For versatility & comfort:

• Y-shaped back web loop locator pad

Allows for effortless adjustment of the back web loop

Provides comfort by moving the webbing away from the wearer's neck

• Color-coded torso straps to simplify donning

• Downward-adjusting torso straps to ease adjustment

• Optional integral shock-absorber