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 Part NumberItem TitlePriceUOMQuantityAdd to Cart
EAG1903Storage Cabinet, Flammable, 4 Ga1, Self Close Door, 1 Shelf$596.99EA
EAG1904Storage Cabinet, Flamnable, 4 Ga1, 1 Shelf, Manual Close Door$488.98EA
EAG1906Storage Cabinet, Flammable, 16 Gal, 2 Shelf, Manual Close Door$731.24EA
EAG1925Storage Cabinet, Flammable, 12 GaL, Manual Close Door, 1 Shelf$637.52EA
EAG1932Storage Cabinet, Flammable, 30 Gallon, 1 Shelf, 2 Door Manual Close$905.42EA
EAG1947Storage Cabinet, Flammable, 45 Gallon, 2 Shelf, 2 Door Manual Close$1,121.48EA
EAG1962Storage Cabinet, Flammable, 60 Gallon,2 Shelf, 2 Door Manual Close$1,350.51EA
EAG1971Storage Cabinet Flammable, 22 Gallon, 1 Shelf, 2 Door Manual Close$879.70EA
EAG1992Storage Cabinet, Flammable, 90 Gallon, 2 Shelf, 2 Door Manual Close$1,698.05EA
EAG2310Storage Cabinet Flammable, 24 Gallon, 3 Shelf, Manual Close Door$993.95EA
EAG3010Storag Cabinet, Flammable, 30 Gallon, 1 Shelf, Self Closing$1,013.10EA
EAG4510Storage Cabinet, Flammable, 2 Door Self Closing$1,232.11EA
EAG6010Storage Cabinet Flammable, 60 Gallon, 2 Shelf, Self Close 2 Door$1,468.04EA
EAG933-FLYPoly oily waste can, 6 gal, Yellow$65.76EA
JU23002Cylinder Locker For Safe Storage Of 6 Horizontal 20 Or 33-Lb. LPG Cylinders$1,379.03EA