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 Part NumberItem TitlePriceUOMQuantityAdd to Cart
BWD4-HSP-10Sampling Hose with Quick Connect and Particulate Filter, 10ft$63.46EA
BWD4-RHM04Replacement TwinTox sensor - CO & H2S$403.85EA
BWDOCK2-2-1C1M-00-GMicroDock II system, Base station with GasAlertMax XT II module (charging) with power supply$1,663.85EA
BWGA-PFMAXFilter Particulate Pump Thick Rep's 5/Pk$18.46PK
BWGA-PROB1-1Sample Probe w/Hydrophobic and Particulate Filters$40.38EA
BWREG-DF-1Demand Flow Regulator$415.38EA
BWSR-H-MCSensor H2S for Gas Alert Max XT !!$166.15EA
BWSR-M-MCSensor CO for Gas Alert Max XT II$166.15EA
BWSR-W-MP75CSensor LEL for Gas Alert Clip and Max XT II$191.08EA
BWSR-X2VSensor 02 for Gas Alert Max XTII$262.73EA
BWXT-MPCB2PCB Board for Gas Alert Max XT II$547.75EA
BWXT-PC1Replacement Pump Enclosure W/Screw for Gas Alert XT II$42.99EA
BWXT-RPUMP-K1Replacement Pump Kit for Gas Alert Max XTII$300.95EA
HW2302B0828Sample Tube W Inline Adapter 10M 30 FT$46.15EA
JU28191ProsolvĀ® Recycling System For Disposal Of Calibration Gas Cylinders$205.05EA